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Excursions and Day Trips

Hengersberg´s central location (on the motorway halfway between Regensburg - Passau) makes it ideal as a starting point for trips and excursions in the region.

Deggendorf Region

This area offers scenery and landscape with as much variety as few other places.   Its location on the Danube provides two fascinating types of geography. The northern part of the region is in the Nature Park Bavarian Forest with easy-to-climb hills, shady forests and expansive fields filled with apple and other fruit trees.  The southern part lies in the fertile Danube Valley with the impressive mouth of the River Isar where it joins the Danube; there are colourful meadows and fields with traces of ancient human settlement.

Places of Interest Distance from Hengersberg
Palace Egg 13 km
Brickworks Museum, Flintsbach 7 km
Asam Basilica, Osterhofen 12 km
Roman Museum Quintana, Künzing 11 km
Visitors´Centre, Mouth of the River Isar 12 km

Holiday Region National Park Bavarian Forest

Places of Interest Distance from Hengersberg
National Park Neuschönau 33 km
Bavarian Forest Animal Zoo, Lohberg 45 km
Mt. Arber with Lake Arber 40 km
Museum Village Bavarian Forest, Tittling 24 km

Passau City and Region

Places of Interest Distance from Hengersberg
Animal and Bird Park, Ortenburg 28 km
Old West Town Pullman City 17 km
Danube River Excursions Wurm & Köck 37 km
Museum of Modern Art 37 km
Veste Oberhaus (Castle) 38 km
Cathedral St. Stephan and Organ 37 km
May Festival Passau 37 km
Spa “Triangle” (Griesbach- Füssing - Birnbach) 68 km

Holiday Region Straubing- Bogen

Places of Interest Distance from Hengersberg
Zoo, Straubing 39 km
Bayernpark Reisbach (Theme Park) 38 km
Pilgrimage Church, Bogenberg 30 km
Gäubodenfest Straubing (Annual Beer Festival) 37 km

Holiday Region Regen

Places of Interest Distance from Hengersberg
Erlebnis Silberberg (Summer and Winter Toboggan Run, Old Underground Mine 32 km
Burg Ruins, Weißenstein 31 km
Glass Museum, Frauenau 30 km

Other Cities

City Distance from Hengersberg
Munich 155 km
Prague 342 km
Regensburg 81 km
Vienna 318 km